Suppliers of Oak Flooring in the UK

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We offer a free tin of Osmo oil worth over £50.00 on all orders over 32 square metres.

We supply very high quality oak flooring weather its Solid Parquet or solid oak T and G Oak flooring.

We have a network or fitters around the country some who are Certified Pallmans Parkettprofi contractor.

Luxury Wood Flooring

Solid Walnut Parquet flooring
£47.00 a square metre
Solid Walnut T and G flooring
£47.00 a square metre
Prime Solid Oak Parquet Flooring £36.00 a square metre.
Character Solid Oak Parquet £32.00 a square metre.
Solid Oak Prime Flooring T and G £39.00 a square metre.
Solid Oak Character T and G £36.00 a square metre.

Did you know?

Cedar wood doesn’t swell, shrink or distort to the extent of comparable lumber, even under drastic changes in temperature or humidity.

Did you know?

Tropical hardwood is extremely resistant to rot, fire, and insects.

Did you know?

Hardwood decking and fencing, if treated correctly, will last for at least 50 years. Soft wood decking if treated correctly will last up to 15 years.