Here at The Timber Merchants, we take pride in all the materials we source and use. In this post, we explain why you should consider using Red Grandis timber to make your garden improvements.

Red Grandis is a versatile, quick growing and ethically sourced timber that is acquired from full FSC-Certified plantations. The Red Grandis grows tall and is purposely placed so they can be cut down safely without distressing other trees and any of the natural plant life that also live on the plantation. It has many advantages over other lumbers used in the trade and believed to be the overall best hardwood available, with advantages a customer can confidently benefit from.

The advantages of Red Grandis:

This lumber is a premium quality hardwood that is excellent for high-end uses such as panelling, flooring, decking, fencing, cladding and can be used for other areas like outdoor furniture. It is a moderately hard-wearing medium hardwood that is almost entirely knot-free, allowing for more precision in transforming the raw wood into practical, durable timber.

Easily a workable wood, it is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally in control. Before treatment, the wood is standard in colour with slight pink to rosy tones, making it perfect for paints and stains. Red Grandis shows respectable dimensional stability and takes to all finishes well. Treatex oil treatments are perhaps expensive, but they give a prodigious, and attractive colour pay off when used to treat Red Grandis. We like to treat correctly twice, for an even more fantastic finish.

Due to its rapid growth, the supply of Red Grandis is available all year round, originating from the areas of South America, South Africa and Australia. The timber can be grown in 20 years, making it a very “green” timber indeed.

What are the properties of Red Grandis?

Red Grandis is a worthy alternative to Cedar wood, with a similar quality to Oak. The overall product is amazing and 100 times greater, with a better colour pay off for an even more reasonable price, while still providing many benefits to environmental health.

Any cons for Red Grandis?

The preliminary cost for the timber is higher than some other hardwoods; however, the final product is competitively priced.

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